NJAPM Divorce Mediation Apprentice Program

Divorce mediation by a trained apprentice under the supervision of a highly experienced Accredited Professional Mediator. The cost is $150 per hour.

Once you apply and qualify, you will be notified of the apprentice and APM who will be handling your case. At the conclusion of the mediation, you will take away a Memorandum of Understanding which can be used as the basis of your Settlement Agreement. In all cases, NJAPM recommends that each party consult an attorney of their choice for independent legal advice.

Application for this program can be made only through NJAPM and not directly to any participating mediator.

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Divorce Mediation

Read the NJ Law Journal article on the apprenticeship.

Your completed application should be sent to:

26 Park Street, Suite 2041
Montclair, NJ 07042.

If you have any questions, please call NJAPM at (800) 981-4800.