NJAPM Professional Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

NJAPM Members are encouraged to purchase professional liability insurance.  If you have a policy in effect and you get sued, it should pay both the cost to defend you, and the cost of the damages if you lose, up to the limits you purchase, subject to the policy terms and conditions. Policies are designed to cover a myriad of conflict resolution activities, including arbitration, mediation, hearing officer work, parent coordination, and a long list of other services.  You should also consider purchasing business liability insurance to protect your premises and for coverage such as slip and fall.

For attorneys, mental health professionals and others who already have professional liability insurance, you may already be covered by your current policy, or may need to purchase a rider on your policy.  For all others, we encourage you to evaluate insurance policies to see what meets your needs.

NJAPM offers professional liability insurance to members through Complete Equity Markets. Prices start at less than $400 for $100,000 in coverage.  Please click to contact or call

Complete Equity Markets at 800-323-6234