Meet NJAPM Vice-President Virginia Maroulakos Rucinski

Virginia Maroulakos Rucinski is a dedicated professional who firmly advocates that Mediation is a good solution for difficult situations.  Her client-service model helps clients to feel comfortable and cared about.

Virginia is the Vice-President of NJAPM and Accredited Professional Mediator with 20+ years of experience.  As a licensed attorney in NJ, NY, and PA, she is on the New Jersey Superior Court Roster for both Civil and Family Law Mediation. Virginia received her Juris Doctorate from Seton Hall University Law School and completed formal Mediation Training at the Institute for Dispute Resolution, likewise at Seton Hall.

Virginia relates to those who are just starting their mediation practice. She easily remembers her experience of taking 3-bar exams. Then early on, she gained enough experience to become an APM.

She credits NJAPM for the resources it provided to her. She found mediators within the organization that she knew and respected at the time. They were established law attorneys who embraced mediation and served as good examples for her to follow.

Virginia’s advice to those beginning their mediation practice is as follows:

  • Become associated with professionals whom you can emulate, as through NJAPM. Learn through your associations with other professionals.
  • Increase your attractiveness to potential clients by seeking additional education and credential training. Support your marketing efforts by developing a strong background.
  • Peer mediation is one of the best marketing tools NJAPM has to offer. Attaining peer referrals is a matter of letting other members become familiar with the skills you have to offer. Develop relationships and affiliations with other members. As an attorney, hold yourself out as someone who is willing to do case reviews. For financial and mental health professionals, network so that others may learn of your available services.  Attend meetings and group discussions on a regular basis.

At home, Virginia has a great passion for animals. She loves to spend time with family and friends, read, and do handicrafts.  She also enjoys travel and has a secret ambition to see as much of the United States as possible.

Virginia Maroulakos Rucinski's NJAPM Profile