NJAPM is the largest statewide mediation organization in New Jersey –  and the only one with a structured accreditation process. We are the voice for professional mediators in New Jersey. NJAPM membership and accreditation can significantly enhance your marketability as a mediator. Benefits of NJAPM membership include:

  • A listing in our membership directory with a unique address that you can include in your marketing collateral and that can function as a mini-web page.
  • Networking and marketing opportunities with attorneys, mediators, financial professionals, and other providers.
  • Educational programs, conferences, and meetings that qualify for continuing education credits.
  • Mediation promotion and referral programs that can augment your practice development efforts.
  • Opportunity to attain Accredited Professional Mediator (APM) status.
  • Membership in NJAPM is your entrée into the New Jersey mediation community and signifies your participation in the field of dispute resolution in New Jersey.
  • Access to other members for professional advice via several different listserves.
  • Representation and liaison for mediation issues with the NJ Legislature, NJ Courts, NJ Bar Association, Universities and more.
  • Discounts to conferences and training sessions, including some offered by NJICLE.
  • Discounted professional liability insurance and automotive insurance.

Your clients benefit from your NJAPM Membership by:

  • Membership in NJAPM tells clients you have a commitment to mediation.
  • Clients benefit from a multidisciplinary network of professionals you can refer to, and the ongoing mediation training NJAPM provides.
  • Clients and the mediator also have the assurance that if they have a conflict, and the mediator is a member of NJAPM, the NJAPM Ethics Review Board (MERB) can provide assistance in addressing their situation in a professional and fair manner, with no cost to either party.
Membership is open to all interested parties. Anyone interested in the mediation profession may join NJAPM.

Annual Membership Fees (2019-2020):

New General Members: $125

Students enrolled in the Divorce or Civil current 40 hour training can JOIN NJAPM for the 1/2 price cost of $63.00 (must be registered)

Searchable General Membership is an additional $75.00 You must have completed 40 hour courses and meet other requirements.
Student Members: $25

Please note that as a General Member, you can apply to convert your membership to Accredited Professional Mediator status, once you meet all NJAPM’s requirements, through our accreditation application process.

Our membership year is the same for all members and runs from October 1 through September 30. New general members who join in the middle of a year are prorated as per the below schedule.

Student membership is open to full-time students.  Those applying for student membership must send NJAPM a photocopy of their student ID.  Student membership fees are not prorated.

General Member fees are as follow, based on when you join NJAPM:

October, November, and December $125
January, February, and March $95
April, May, and June $65
July, August, and September $125, and your membership is paid for through September 30 of this year, plus the following membership year

If you are a mediator or are interested in becoming one, please consider joining NJAPM today by clicking the join button.  Joining is a quick four-step process:

  1. The first screen asks you to Register your user name and password.
  2. The second screen asks you to Login with your user name and password.
  3. The third screen is the members home page.  Please click Submit Listing, choose Membership Type, and enter the information requested; each member has one physical address within our system, even if they have multiple offices. Then click Continue to Payment.
  4. The next screen is the payment screen and asks to Select a Payment Method through PayPal and click Pay Now.  A confirmation will be sent for your payment and you are now a member of NJAPM. Congratulations and welcome!

Listings are visible after administrator approval – usually within three business days.  If you encounter any issues joining NJAPM or have any questions, please call us at 800-981-4800.  We appreciate your interest in mediation and NJAPM.

If you would prefer to mail your payment, please click to use this form and send with your check payable to NJAPM and mail to NJAPM, 26 Park Street, Suite 2041, Montclair, NJ 07042.