I Hate Writing Blogs: Three Restorative Suggestions

Submitted by:  Diana M. Longo, CDFA®

Do you admire others who have the ability to write with ease? We have peers within NJAPM that on top of their day job, also write poetry and compose novels. I have many talents, but I am not blessed with this capability. Writing becomes a chore as I debate the use of prepositions, switch pronouns and research extra synonyms.

In short, I hate writing blogs. Time is inevitably limited as I move on to more pressing tasks. Yet, I recognize my need to increase the visibility of my practice so that I may increase my financial and professional success.

Therefore, I offer these three restorative suggestions for those of us who may be challenged in composition.


Experience is wonderful. However, I have so many ideas running through my brain that I soon become overpowered by the sheer volume of how much I want to include. The purpose of a blog (or other professional-type article) is to create interest. Please edit, limit excessive statements, and become efficient with your networking messages. To help me stay on track, I remember this old adage: “You need a cup of coffee before you start to date.”


I have several tools dealing with time management, setting goals and planning my week. It is amazing how much more I can achieve when I review them during the week and prioritize my focus.


Begin your blog by creating a simple Outline or Template to prioritize your ideas. Subtitles, bullet points and short paragraphs are formatting tricks to increase reader attention and improve your online search results. Here is a sample outline/template that I use for writing professional articles (blogs). I find that it saves time and clarifies my message.

TITLE: ________________________________
THEME/PURPOSE OF YOUR ARTICLE: __________________________________

Supporting Statement #1

Sub point #1
Sub point #2
Sub point #3

Supporting Statement #2

Sub point #1
Sub point #2
Sub point #3

Supporting Statement #3

Sub point #1
Sub point #2
Sub point #3


I may never become a Dickenson or Hemmingway. However, I remain proud of my professional accomplishments. I am particularly grateful to NJAPM for its assistance and to its individual members who remain gracious with their support and continuing information.

We all provide a vital service to the community. Please help us “get the word out!” by contributing to our Blog Library. Please contact me if you would like assistance with your writing. I will be happy to help you create your own firm’s “Cup of Coffee!”

Diana M. Longo, CDFA®
Innovative Divorce Services, LLC
Parsippany, NJ