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Gabrielle L. Strich, Esq., APM, PM

Gabrielle L. Strich, Esq., APM, PM
Firm Name: Strich Law Firm PC
2650 US Hwy. 130, Ste. G
New Jersey
County: Middlesex
Phone: 609-924-2900
Fax: 609-454-3066
Profession: attorney, mediator, collaborative lawyer
Accreditation: APM (NJAPM), APM (ACR), Mentor mediator (Supreme Court, NJAPM), Collaborative Lawyer, EEOC mediator, High Conflict Mediator, Attorney (NJ & PA)
Certification: Yes

Ms. Strich’s experience with litigation led her to conclude that mediation, where feasible, is a preferable way to resolve disputes. She completed a 40 hour mediation training course given by the Institute of Dispute Resolution of Seton Hall University of Law in November, 1995 and has been functioning as a mediator since that time. The New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators accredited Ms. Strich as a mediator in 1996.
Ms. Strich formed the Central Jersey/ Princeton Mediation Consultation Group in 1997, which group meets monthly for advanced mediation education and mediator peer consultation. In 1999, Ms. Strich was appointed to the Board of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators as well as made the Chairperson of the Peer Consultation and Mentoring Committee—Statewide; Ms. Strich established numerous county peer consultation groups. Ms. Strich served as member of the Executive Board for NJAPM from 2001 through 2003. Ms. Strich has resumed as a member of the Executive Board in 2017 and is now President of NJAPM.
Ms. Strich was a court appointed mediator in the Mercer County pilot program for abused/neglected children (DCPP) matters. For said appointment, she participated in 40 additional hours of training.
In 2000, after further training and working with a mentor, Ms. Strich achieved the national qualification of Advanced Practitioner Member with the Association for Conflict Resolution.
In 2001, she completed the EEOC mediation training and has been scheduled as mediator for the EEOC.
Ms. Strich received training and certification as a High Conflict Mediator from the High Conflict Diversion Program in June 2012. High Conflict clients are clients that have a personality disorder or clients associated with persons with a personality disorder.
Ms. Strich receives assignments frequently as a court appointed mediator for civil and family law disputes. Ms. Strich is a court and NJAPM Mentor for new mediators. She has taught courses on elder and family law mediation. Ms. Strich is also a member of the Dispute Resolution Section of the New Jersey Bar.

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