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Corinne M. DeStefano

Corinne M. DeStefano
Firm Name:
DeStefano Law, LLC
667 Shunpike Road, Suite 5
New Jersey
Area of Practice:

I am a family law mediator and collaborative divorce attorney. Couples who get divorced using mediation or Collaborative Law make a much better choice for themselves and for their families than do those who choose a traditional courtroom divorce.
“Once people realize that a Collaborative divorce gives them extra financial and mental-health support, they will agree that it is the smarter decision,” she says.
"Divorcing parents, unlike parties in most civil lawsuits who have no further contact with each other, have to continue their relationship," she said. “They need to co-parent and deal with each other for the rest of their lives or their kids’ lives.”
“You don’t want venom spewing,” she said.
Her mantra: Personal and economic dignity can remain intact after a divorce...Collaborative helps couples and families in crisis restructure their families as opposed to destroying them, so they can achieve lasting settlements with less stress and conflict.

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