Divorce Mediation Apprenticeship Program

NJAPM offers a Divorce Mediation Apprenticeship Program to mediators, whether newly trained or not, who seek hands- on supervised experience. This program began in 2012 and has received positive reviews from its participants.   We seek APM members to serve as mentors and students seeking experience in divorce mediation as an apprentice under the supervision of the APM.

“These were my honest opinions of what I derived from the program: 

  • Better session management
  • Structure within a session
  • Providing “homework” for clients
  • Creating a process of expectations and objectives for each session
  • Updated or reminded me about NJ family law and rules

I could not have learned these types of benefits without a mentor/apprentice program” 

Seeking APM Members to serve as Mentors

Mentors must be APM members in good standing. They must be willing to provide a total of 18 hours of supervision and mentoring in their own office for each case that they accept.. Mentors must agree to participate in an initial briefing (via conference call) and must complete an evaluation of each apprentice with whom they are paired. They must be willing to accept the clients assigned to them, subject to a screening for domestic violence and conflict issues.
NJAPM will supply the couples, each of whom will pay $150 per hour at the conclusion of each mediation session directly to the APM. The APM will receive an additional $50 per hour from NJAPM for all mediation time plus $50 per hour for each hour of mentoring up to one hour for each three hours of mediation. Payment will be made by NJAPM upon submission of a voucher by the APM at the end of each case along with evaluations by the APM, Apprentice and clients.

Seeking Graduates of the 40 hour divorce mediation training as Apprentices

Apprentices must provide proof of completion of a 40-hour basic divorce mediation training. Hands-on mediation experience is helpful, but not required. They will pay the course fee of $1,250 ($1,400 for non-members) and agree to attend mediation sessions at the office of the APM to whom they are assigned. (We will attempt to pair clients and apprentices with a mediator as close as possible to their office or home.) Apprentices will observe and participate in 18 hours of mediation in the office of the APM to whom they are assigned and will prepare the MOU for each case under the supervision of the APM. They also agree to complete an evaluation of the process at the conclusion.

Interested APM members and apprentices should send a completed application to:

26 Park Street, Suite 2041
Montclair, NJ 07042.

If you have any questions, please call NJAPM at (800) 981-4800 or contact Risa A. Kleiner (risa@rkleinerlaw.com) or Anna-Maria Pittella (pittellalaw@verizon.net).