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NJAPM 17th Conference - 2010, "“The Mediation Challenge: Thriving Through Change” - NJ Bar President, Richard H. Steen, and Marketing Guru, Tammy Lenski215.96 KB
NJAPM 16th Conference - 2009, "Mediation's Turning Point: An Alternative Becomes Mainstream" - Keynote Doug Frenkel; Featured Speaker Jerry Lewis 31.8 KB
NJAPM Encourages Members to Volunteer for Foreclosure Mediation Program, October 200881.76 KB
NJAPM 15th Conference - 2008, "Mediation 2008 - A 360 Degree View" - Keynote Christine Filip; Featured Speakers Sandy Jaffe & Linda Stamato38.08 KB
NJAPM 14th Conference - 2007, "Crisis, Culture and Competence in Mediation" - Keynote Kenneth Feinberg; Featured Speakers Dan Rainey and Julia Morelli25.11 KB
NJSBA Recognition Award, Irreconcilable Differences Divorce Bill, February 2007295.73 KB
NJAPM 13th Conference - 2006, "Mediation: Thinking and Learning" - Keynote Nancy Kline; Featured Speakers Hon. Robert Fall & Prof. Kenneth Kressel29.31 KB
NJAPM 11th Conference - 2004, "New Horizons in Mediation" - Keynotes Senator Martin and Assemblywoman Greenstein; Featured Speaker Sam Margulies 29.5 KB
NJAPM Amicus re. Lehr vs Afflito, November 200319.66 KB
NJAPM 10th Conference - 2003, "Celebrating the Past; Sculpting the Future" - Keynote Hon. Linda Feinberg; Featured Speaker Dr. Lela Love28.02 KB
NJAPM 9th Conference - 2002, "Theory-into-Practice, Leading Edge Mediation Strategies" - Keynote Theodore Kheel; Featured Speaker Mark Mattaini32.45 KB
NJAPM 7th Conference - 2000, "Focus on the Third Side" - Keynote Robert Hirshon; Featured Speakers Sharon Press and Rachel Wohl25.95 KB