NJAPM's Video on Divorce and Mediation

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Getting divorced or thinking about it?  Find out more about divorce in New Jersey and divorce mediation.

In the video segments below, you will learn what the court process is really like and the effects that an adversarial divorce can have on you and your children.  You will also see two demonstrations of mediation sessions.

After you have viewed the videos, you can find an Accredited Professional Mediator in your area who specializes in divorce mediation by clicking on the link or using the Find a Mediator button above.


A retired judge gives a realistic view of the court system (3 min, 9 sec)



A child psychologist talks about the effects of an adversarial divorce on children (2 min, 0 sec)



A demonstration of a mediation session dealing with frequently asked questions and their answers (5 min, 5 sec)



A demonstration of a mediation session dealing with parenting, equitable distribution, child support and alimony issues (3 min, 56 sec)